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Effective governance requires innovative, evidence-based approaches to formulating public policy. It is vital that policy-makers are informed and aware of the latest developments and trends in industry, civil society and academia. Through research, education and deliberation, the Institute for Innovative Government (IIG) will collaborate with public servants, politicians and public bodies to offer consultancy, expertise and information exchange on policy issues. The Institute will be hosted in a central Dublin location, close to policy-makers. IIG will also facilitate continuous professional development for senior policy makers, so that they can be active users of cutting-edge research in relevant policy fields.

The IIG will ensure that Ireland is served by well-trained policy makers, who are able to interrogate and use evidence to make policy decisions. It will also deliver a more policy-focused academia for DCU, and beyond. The public sector will be more innovative in its approach to policy and more aware of best practice in other places. The longer term impact of the Institute should be a state willing to attempt innovative ideas resulting in a scenario where the state/ policy-making system can anticipate, avoid or mitigate future policy challenges.


We have always been ambitious in our aspirations and in this time of incredible change, our goals are greater than ever...but we can’t achieve them on our own.

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